Steps to Restore a deleted file from RIT storage systems

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There are two ways of restoring a file that has been deleted within the last 21 days.

1) ssh (use ssh client or putty) into

   cd .snapshot
   ls -al
   cd into the directory with the previous date before your file was deleted 
      (snapshots are taken: d - daily; fm - fifteen minutes; h - hourly; weekly)
   cp file to path where you want file copied to. (ie. cp file /network/rit/home/your netid/...)

2) From My Computer/Computer;

  Map network  drive to \\\your netid 
  right click on the folder where the deleted file was located
  Select Properties
  Select the Previous Versions tab
  Select the folder/directory with the previous date before your file was deleted
  Choose either Copy or Restore.
  a. Choosing Copy enables you to copy the old version to another location. 
     Click Copy and then select the folder where you want to copy the item to, then press Copy to complete.
  b. Choosing Restore enables you to recover everything in a folder as well as all sub folders.