Running MPI jobs

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To run MPI jobs on the cluster you must first start the LAM-MPI environment. All managed nodes should have the LAM software installed and functional.

  • Make sure you have setup SSH passwordless logins between managed nodes
  • Create a hosts file for you job. The host file will look something like the following.
 #For IBM pSeries hardware
 hal01 cpu=8
 hal03 cpu=8
 hal04 cpu=8
 hal06 cpu=8
 hal07 cpu=8
 hal08 cpu=8
  • hal02 and hal05 are currently off line

  • Use the lamboot command
 lamboot -v hosts
  • You can see current nodes with the command
  • Execute your MPI application
 mpirun -np # application
 mpiexec -np #

For more information please see the _man_ pages for the above applications.

Additional Information from LAM/MPI[1]