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As a new user to the Research IT community you may be wondering what you can do and what resources you may now access. This page will describe those items that are most of interest to new or returning users.

One time items of interest

  • You may wish to set up SSH passwordless logins in order to move more freely about the systems
  • If you are going to be using graphical tools you will need to either setup VNC or setup X11 in order to export the graphical application to your desktop.

Mapping to Network Drive: Connecting to your shared Research Folder CIFS (service)

Systems that you will be accessing

Currently there are two main systems that can be accessed for general use.

  • General Purpose Cluster: These commodity dell servers are great for Intel optimized applications, grid jobs, and batch processing. This cluster is well suited for parallel applications and shared memory multiprocessor application.

Other items of note

Getting Help

While we strive to provide a strong computational environment for your use, we know that most people will need help. Feel free to contact us if you need help getting things done.

  • General items: ritgroup @
  • New software: ashelton @
  • Systems support: ewarnke @