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Research IT Group
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Brian Macherone

Nick Schiraldi
Data Analytics & Vis Supp Spec

Anne Shelton

Academic and Research Computing Center

IT Building
1400 Washington Ave.
Albany, NY 12222
Phone: 518-442-3440

Information Technology Services


The mission of Academic and Research Computing Center (ARCC) is to develop core services in support of research, including high-performance computing for grant seeking and funded researchers. A major objective of Research IT is to provide IT consultation to faculty in the grant development process. The Research group works closely with each of the other ITS units, and with school and departmental-based research IT staff, to fulfill its mission.

Please contact us if you are an active grant-seeking or funded researcher and would like to explore options to fulfill the IT requirements of your investigations.

ARCC Services

HPC Resources

Batch Partition


How to mount a lab folder from Ubuntu [[1]]

  • Batch Processing
  • Quota
    • df -h ~
      • Will produce output (Quota Size, Used, Avail, %of Usage) for your home directory.

RIT/ARCC Internal Resources

RIT/ARCC wiki is backed by LDAP. If you have access to RIT resources please login with your netid and password used for accessing RIT/ARCC servers.