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File Sharing

Research IT provides access to its main filesystem through the CIFS or SMB protocol used by Microsoft Windows Servers. This protocol is interoperable with Windows, Apple OS X, and Linux clients.

NOTE: Due to security concerns, you can not access CIFS file systems from off the university network. You must be physically on the university network or using VPN [1] in order to access \\\

Using CIFS from Windows

Using the following instructions will allow Windows systems to connect to the Research IT shares. These directions are written for Windows XP, but the same directions should work for almost any version of windows since Windows 98.

LAB Folders that have migrated to the new storage platform should use: \\\[lab folder name]

Mapping a Drive


Open My Computer, click on Tools, then select map network drive, in the folder text box type: \\\[your net id] , select your drive letter you would like it mapped to, and select OK. The network share will now appear in "My Computer" and be available as the drive letter you selected in all applications.

Browsing Shares

Select Start->Run enter \\\, then enter, a window will open showing you your available shares. You may not have access to all of the shares listed. From this window you may also map any of the shares to a drive by using the right click "context menu" on any of the folders listed.

LAB Folders that have migrated to the new storage platform should use: \\\[lab folder name]

Using CIFS from OS X

To use your SAMBA shares from a OS X Apple computer first go to the finder. Use the Apple-K command to "Connect to server". The address you should enter is cifs:// and select the folder that you are interested in. You may have to press the Authenticate button if the folder you want is not listed.

LAB Folders that have migrated to the new storage platform should use: cifs://[lab folder name]

Using CIFS from Linux

Many LINUX systems are different, if you are having trouble extrapolating from the above directions, please contact RIT for more support.


If you are having trouble mounting, please check the following items.

  1. You have reset your password with the above instructions
  2. Your IP address is 169.226.X.X and or your hostname is Under windows this information can be found by executing ipconfig /all
  3. You can "see" the file servers. You can do this by executing the following command ping
  4. Firewalls that block outbound connections such as ZoneAlarm or PC Penicillin can cause problems. Try lowering or disabling outbound security to rule out the firewall.

If you have tried all of these steps, please contact us to resolve the issue.

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